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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 8, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," political showdown for the democrats. >> vice president joe biden says he's not running but he's looking more and more like a candidate. the democrats challenging hillary clinton, facing tough campaign questions. back to work. the minnesota dentist how kept a low profile after killing a beloved lion in africa. his first public comments as he faces protesters at his clinic today. tennis superstar serena and venus williams competing just hours from now at the u.s. open. all eyes on these fiercely competitive sisters. later, the yoga master making a name for herself on social media by proving that you don't are to be ultrathin to enjoy this form of exercise. it is tuesday, september 8th. from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning to you. so you're into the yoga thing or bill lat tees? >> i love pilates. and you? >> tried bikram once and survived it. that's all i can say. i won't do it again. >> so good to see, kendis. you've been everywhere. you're covering fires. you're international. every time we look up and we've aired a lot of your reports on our broadcast. >> basically can't keep a home is what it is. >> you've done great work. >> great to be with you guys on this day after labor day. >> lots of presidential news. labor day is the first kickoff to politics. there's a lot of momentum for vice president bide. >> and biden was greeted of course, with chants of run, joe, run as he marched in pittsburg's annual labor day parade. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: is this a man in the running?
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joe biden sprinted along a labor day parade route in pennsylvania today, zig-zagging from babies to senior citizens. shaking hands, taking selfies. >> hey, guys. >> reporter: what a difference a holiday weekend makes. the vice president joking when a supporter urged him to enter the race. >> you've got to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: but just last week, this. a heartbroken biden, unsure whether it's too soon following the death of his son beau, in may, from brain cancer. >> can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that we'd be proud to undertake in normal circumstances? but the honesty to god answer is i don't know. >> reporter: a decision perhaps made easier by hillary clinton's serious slide in the polls in two critical states. in new hampshire, clinton losing her standing as a front-runner. now trailing bernie sanders by nine points. clinton feeling the burn in iowa, too. her lead slipping there.
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now down to just 11 points after trouncing sanders earlier this summer. on the campaign trail, clinton sticking so closely to her message, she's losing her voice. >> i believe i've got the vision, the policies, the skill, the tenacity and the determination to get us back on the right track! >> it's not just those poll numbers dogging her. e-mails are back in the headlines again today. clinton saying she does not need to apologize for having that private e-mail account and home server and told the "associated press" "what i did was allowed." cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> mike huckabee is expected to join a prayer rally today in kentucky for clerk kim davis who is in the middle of a dispute over same-sex marriage. davis has been in jail since last week for refusings a judge's order to grant marriage licenses to gay couples.
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her lawyers file id an emergency motion with a federal court hoping it would result in her freedom. hundreds of protesters spent part of their labor day demonstrating against donald trump. they were fed up with what they called his racist and hate-filled messages toward mexican immigrants. trump is scheduled to make a campaign stop in dallas last week. president obama ordered more sick leave. the president spent the holiday with labor groups in boston. his executive order will require federal krot contractored to provide up to seven days of paid sick leave. er year and called on congress to expand sick leave and family leave in the future. pope francis set to reveal reforms to the an fullment process intending to streamline procedures criticized as lengthy, costly and unfair. divorced catholic who marry
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outside the church are forbidden from receiving church communion. >> the flow of refugee across europe is show nothing signs of letting up. chance lors angela merkel says germany expects to take in 800,000 asylum seekers at the cost of 10 [$]million. the hungarian officers fired pepper spray after they broke through police lines and began marching towards budapest and swept on the pavement as darkness fell. >> i have to wake up because i was very cold. we couldn't take the cold. for us, we're young. we can handle it. as you can see, there's a lot of children and a lot of old people, some people are sick. they can't handle this cold. >> as germany called on european nations to share the responsibility, france and the uk announced plans to take in mo are than 20,000 refugees each. a federal judge in mexico
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started proceedings against four officials accused of aidings the escape of drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. two of those charged are members of the mexican intelligence service. they worked at the prison. two others were prison employees in the control room. el chapo has not been sign since his escape in july. italy's top court says amanda knox should never have been convicted. it blast the prosecution pore presenting a severely flawed case with no proof that the american or her boyfriend were at the scene of the crime. knox and the italian served nearly four years in prison for the murder of knox's roommate. their convictions were thrown out in march. a grand jury in western new york state will hear testimony today in the sexual assault investigation of chicago blackhawks star patrick kaine. kaine is accused of raping a woman at his home in early august. today the grand jury will hear from a friend of the victim and possibly the victim herself.
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prosecutors must be confident in their case they say because they're taking it to i to a grand jury. . >> the dentist who killed cecil the lion heads back to work this morning. we're hearing from dr. walter palmer about the incident for the very first time. elizabeth hur with the details. >> reporter: breaking his silence and insifting he was not in hiding, dr. palmer says he's been with his family and friends for the past two months keeping a low profile for their safety after someone vandalized his florida vacation home and his family received death threats. in an interview with the minneapolis star-tribune and the "associated press," he says this has been especially hard on my wife and daughter adding i don't understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all. >> he talked about it with some level of andtation that people close to him had been vilified because they knew dr. palmer, this lion hunter.
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in his first interview since he called zimbabwe's most celebrated lion he told media despite reports cecil was shot and killed, he says he used a bow and arrow and believed the lion hunt was legal. >> he's an intense, individual. he had a locked in look the whole time. he didn't want to get into the core detail of how this lion was killeded. >>. >> reporter:n african guide and farmer who sifted him in the hunt have been criminally charged. palmer's been out of work since protesters shut down his minnesota dental practice when the story broke back in july. but he says is he ready to resume his professional life explaining i'm a health professional. i need to get back to my staff and my patients. they want he back. he says his plan is to get back to work stressing he has yet to be charged with a crime. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> thank you.
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and a blue whale in need of help may be off the over the of mexico. the mammal was last seen trailing several hundred feet of fishing line. marine animal rescue experts are worried the stress and strain could weaken the whale leaving it to die. they are the largest animals on earth and most are found off the west coast. tonight in the u.s. open's women's quarterfinals it's a sister showdown when venus and serene nab williams go to head to head. the 27th time they've faced off against each other in a tournament. serena trying to win all four grand slam titles in the same season. her big sister can end that dream on the court tonight. >> she's playing great. i barely had time to get ready for my match today because she played so fast. >> serena has beaten her big sister 17 times. each winning twice at the u.s. open twice.
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so far this season, it appears that venus has better numbers than serena. that could be a good showdown. >> so much is emotional. it's your sister. serena has said -- one of them said she's my sister. i know all had her flaws and vulnerabilities. you know so much more on your opponent. it can't be easy. i would be crying if i went up against my sibling. that's not something i can promise you either. they are so strong and fierce. i can't wait watch this one tomorrow. >> it will be fun to watch. it was a much, much less competitive event yesterday along the arkansas river, the great raft race. >> more than 100 hope made rafts took to the water. the eight-mile right to tulsa, oklahoma, took some of the boats around five hours to fwsh. >> looks like some of them floated off here. this was the first time that the raft race was held since 1991.
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after that it was canceled because of lack participation. it's back now and seems like it was a lot of fun. but some of these looks like they put them together at the last minute. what is that? a bug? ing. >> interesting boats there. >> coming up "the mix," can the tradition of auctioning off cattle with a much more modern beat. >> the social media sensation who wants to prove you don't have to be you the tra thin to stretch out and enjoy yoga. >> the outcry over the attack on a high school football referee. the investigation and who is cracking down on who is responsible. >> check out abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." supersize your lashes. advertise your eyes! supersize your lashes. hypnotize the guys! covergirl's super sizer mascara with the amazing lash styler brush. it loads on. combs through. for dramatic volume. corner to corner.
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you see a fireball bright enough to be seen in daylight streaked over downtown bangkok. it was also seen in other parts of thailand. no reports of missing or crashed aircraft or meteorites hitting earth. chances are it was apparently space chunk burning up and it hits the atmosphere. astronomers say a sizable piece of after american observation satellite did just that about the same time. you don't buy it. >> i don't buy it. it's big foot. >> in the sky? >> yeah, exactly. a manifestation of it. a pair of texas high school football players find themselves hit which an major penalty
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suspended this morning. >> the two could face criminal charges are police are now investigating. brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: this texas referee hit not once but twice. first you see a john jay high school defensive back take him down. then a second player dives into him. >> they deliberately did it. >> reporter: last friday night's game still the talk on espn into nobody condones it. this is something everyone has never seen. >> reporter: the hit came shortly after two teammates were ejected from the game against marble falls high school. the players involved are now suspended from the team and school. and according to the austinen football officials association, the referee is wanting to press charges. >> there are 23 7/8 around the country that have decided to create laws that make it a criminal action to assault a referee. texas is one of those states.
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>> reporter: in 2011, a florida youth football ref filed a lawsuit after being tackedaled on the field by players and fans unhappy with the call. he settled this case for more than a quarter million dollars. in texas, the independent school district investigating this incident tells us the video is extremely disturbing. not the good behavior we teach students and it will not tolerate this kind you have behavior. as for the executive secretary of the austin football officials association, he hopes the two students who hit the ref never play footbl again. kendis and reena? >> brandi, thank you. coming up in our next half hour, a family's belongings put up for sale by a squatter who set up a virtual shop when they were out of town, selling their valuables online. the home owners get iing a huge shock coming home. >> plus, sized yoga. meet the young woman inspiring others to pose with the best of
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them. breaking the mold of the yoga master. you're watching "world news now." "world news
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a north carolina yoga expert is causing quite a sensation on social media by breaking down stereotypes of what it means to be fit. >> this is pretty remarkable. she describes herself as a fat fem sharing photos online with her devoted following. it's changing the face of yoga. abc's mara schiavocampo has her story. >> stretch out through your left arm. >> reporter: it's an exercise of the body and soul. >> you reach your fingertips up toward the ceiling. >> reporter: now a social media guru is hoping to shatter the stereotype that practicing yoga is only for the thin. she admits she was initially put off my yoga because she was too
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focused on weight loss. >> my first experience i was 16 years old. my aunt was really, really into bikram yoga at the time. it was a horrible experience. i was obsessed with losing weight. i was uncomfort comfortable with my body. years later she gave it a second chance, a decision she credit is with saving her life. at the time, she was battling depression and yoep ga gave her something to hold on to. >> it was something that challenged me. when i started practicing yoga, all of the poses were progressively more difficult and it was something genuinely exciting. that kind of excitement translated to other parts of my life. >> reporter: now yoga enthusi t enthusiasts flock to her instagram to check out her advanced yoga poses and get inspired. >> it took me not caring about losing weight at all to finally lose weight. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed fat fem believes anyone can
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practice yoga regardless of size. she says she's determined to shatter that stick thin yoga image for good. >> think about how powerful you are and everything that you've accomplished just in living your day to day life. what would you feel so bad about your body when you're so strong. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. that's impressive. >> it is impressive. it's a great concept. in just being secure about your body type. i always thought that yoga helped you lose weight. no? >> yes. no, she's lost so much weight. she looks incredible. you see her before and after. she's a great case study. she said she suffered from depression which i have no medical experience on this but i have felt sometimes working out helps regulate my mood and i think it can make such a difference. that's why you and i always practice yoga. >> is that our happy baby pose?
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stronger enamel. crest 3d white. and now it's time for "the mix." you've spent time out in the midwest reporting. there's a lot that happens in the midwest that i feel like we don't get enough of. apparently there's a world livestock auction near championship where auctioneers auction off livestock get together to find out who has the best chants. take a listen. [ auction chanting ] sold your way. 65. >> that's not the best rap song. >> like a remix. >> we should give calvin harris a call it does sound like him. apparently it was first healld
3:26 am
1963. >> he's got nothing on this guy. he's pretty good. >> we've all been like the victims of bad or corny dad jokes over the years. the thing is, it's always you get to hear the dad jokes and you never get to the impact and what really it does for the kids who are on the receiving end of it. nickelodeon in australia showed us the other side of dad jokes. >> i walked into the kimg yesterday and said to my dad hey, i'm hungry. my dad said hi hungry. i'm dad. >> can you make me a sandwich. >> what did dad say. >> abbra ca dab ra, are you a sandwich. >> that's awesome. >> they featured interviews with many kids or survivors of cheesy dad jokes. and you can see these kids did a great job of showing the true impact of all those awful jokes.
3:27 am
>> i want to see the whole thing. pretty funny. and you know babies teach sign language. sometimes mandarin in some cases. we're starting kids early so much so the scientists are trying to teach baby computer science. the language. take a look. this is actually a man named eric who started computer science for babies. it's just for kids months old. it goes through trying to teach them and or not. the heart of computer programming. they're starting to learns 1s and 0s even before they're 1 years old. >> pretty amaze. apparently the book is a soft cloth. comes with teething and crinkly tier which is key at this stage of life. babies really responds well to that. >> absolutely. this last little bit, a guy designed a plane while dunk. we'll show it to you later. >> that sure looks interesting. we'll be back.
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this morning on "world news now," challenging hillary clinton. joe biden looking more like a presidential candidate while clinton faces tough questions while campaigning. and how a little known democrat bernie sanders is turning up the heat. humanitarian crisis. dramatic pictures along one european border as thousands of refugees push their way into better lives. new detas this morning about the cost. and new this half hour, free marijuana. >> that's the claim from a medical marijuana provider who does business out of a cart. his legal loophole and the catch. and later in the "skinny," the show stopping move by harry styles of one direction. the performer's lesson to a young fan about grammar and an unexpected teachable moment on this tuesday, september 8th.


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